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You Don’t Have an In-Dash DVD Player? You're OUTDATED! - Carbi deco

You Don’t Have an In-Dash DVD Player? You’re OUTDATED!

The built-in DVD player is one of the many exciting developments in the automotive industry in recent years. These versatile devices not only add convenience to your center console, but also make your car more suitable for home use. Finding the right model can be a challenge, so read on to find out all about the best car’s built-in DVD player.

car dvd player

Why Buy an In-Dash DVD Player?

Easy to use. Most units on the market have touch screen displays that are convenient to use. Some people can even make hands-free calls via Bluetooth and answer calls. As an added bonus, it offers a major modern upgrade to your car at the same time.

Built-in navigation. Many built-in DVD players come with built-in GPS navigation. This is a useful feature if you are constantly on the road and need to access navigation without using other devices. It’s also hands-free because you don’t need to launch a dedicated app on your phone.

Media playback. Passengers can use the built-in DVD player to watch videos of their choice, from DVD to YouTube. You can also play MP3s and stream music via Bluetooth, CD, USB or SD card, giving you plenty of entertainment options. In addition to the basic car stereo, you can also use applications such as Spotify and Pandora.

Interesting road trips. If you travel long distances, you know it can be a bit dull. With the built-in DVD player, you can not only play movies and videos for your passengers – it’s perfect for kids to play with – you can also play music or radio.

car dvd player

Types of In-Dash DVD Player

Single DIN

A single DIN main unit occupies one standard slot in the car’s center console. Like car radios and stereos, this size is less common due to its height limit of 2 inches. Some models try to deploy the screen from within the unit so that it retracts when not in use and is out of sight.

Double DIN

These units are twice the height of a single DIN unit and are ideal for large center consoles. Due to the height, the screen is fixed to the front panel and is easier to see from the rear seat. Most of them have amplifiers, screens and DVD players.

car dvd player

Key Features


The whole goal of adding a built-in DVD player is to get some versatility and make your life easier. This translates to many devices connected to the player. Some apps also have a built-in app that communicates with your smartphone, allowing you to sync your contacts or read text messages via text-to-speech. A device compatible with steering wheel control also provides another method of accessing the device.

Screen Resolution

No matter what size of screen you choose, you’ll get excellent, at-a-glance visibility. The higher the resolution, the sharper the image, makes the screen easier to view and use.

Screen Size

When comparing models, pay attention to the size of the screen. Most are 6 to 7 inches, but they do as much as 9 inches or more. If you have space, the big screen can be used for entertainment and navigation.

Other considerations

Unit size

Consider the size of the Dashboard DVD player in the center console. Some units will be designed for large consoles in large cars. A single DIN is best for compact cars and is best for crossovers, while double DIN is more suitable for SUVs, trucks and other large vehicles.

Extra features

Many models come with many built-in features and applications. This includes major features such as GPS, CD player, remote control and high-end satellite radio, as well as applications that allow you to control content such as online music directly from the player.

Removable front

This is a great deterrent to potential thieves. For any model that attaches on the front panel, you can carry the tray with you when you park somewhere. This is a good anti-theft feature because the head does not work without the front.

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