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Types Of Windshields You Have Never Heard Of Before!! - Carbi deco

Types Of Windshields You Have Never Heard Of Before!!

Windshields are protective glass designed to protect the owner or driver from external objects or difficulties like rain. The windshield, also known as safety glass, is laminated to provide safety from accident and injury.

When you buy a new car, besides the engine and the structure of the car, you should also pay attention to the car’s windshield. Most people have the best looking cars but have to change their windshields often due to inefficiency and poor durability. This frustrates car owners, but this issue can be resolved if they make the right decisions when it comes to choosing their windshields.

There are many reasons car owners change their windshields. Some people may get involved in an accident, causing the windshield to break, while others may change it because of cracks. Either way, the windshield must be as clear as possible to help the driver see where they are going. There are different ways to choose a suitable windshield for your car. Unfortunately, most people have no idea how to choose a windshield.

One windshield may have the right qualities, but less capacity to protect car owners from danger, while another may be able to protect, but is missing an important feature. Either way, there are various ways to choose between windshield glasses. Here are a few types of windshields you can consider.

car window mirror


This type of windshield is durable, and is one of the common types of windshields with basic features. One surprising fact about it is that it is simple and easy to maintain. There is no doubt that choosing this windshield as your first choice is a good decision.

heated windshield

Heated Windshield

People prefer this windshield because it melts ice very quickly without the need to use the engine as a heater. Most people who drive a jeep or a Highlander would opt for this type of windshield. Since it doesn’t snow in Malaysia, this windshield is not the top choice.

display windshield

Display Windshield

This type of windshield has a reflective patio that conveniently shows your dashboard. Aside from the fact that it is cool, it is also very safe as you can see your panel without stress.

Forward Collision Alert Windshield

Forward Collision Alert Windshield

This type of windshield gives you a warning when your vehicle is too close to another car, so you can make adjustments immediately. This type of windshield helps prevent accidents and collisions.

Lane Departure Warning System

Lane Departure Warning System

When driving on the highway, every car is required to follow their respective lane, but sometimes you might slowly drift off to another lane without even realizing it. This type of windshield gives you a warning the moment you go off your lane.

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